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What is the rseng community working on? The following projects are a sample of in progress or completed projects, and each includes examples of how you might get involved. For any project, your contribution is hugely encouraged!

Research Software Engineer Community Template

Quickly deploy a community research software engineering site.

Needs Love

Projects and ideas that need a little love.

The Research Software Engineer Encyclopedia

A community effort to define criteria and a taxonomy for research software.

The Research Software Engineer Glossary

The Research Software Engineer Glossary of Terms

Research Software Engineer Manifesto

Research Software Engineer Phenotype Generator

What kind of research software engineer are you?

Research Software Engineering Stories

The RSE Stories podcast shares stories of research software engineers to create awareness for the role.

Community Starter Pack

A starter pack for your RSE community, including definitions for Research Software Engineers, a Community Website Template, and strategies for Communication

Do you have a commnity project that you want to add here? Please open an .