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Getting Started

What is a Research Software Engineer, and why are they important? Take a look at the about page, or watch a video instead.

Whether you strong associate with the role, want to hire a research software engineer, or be an advocate, you might enjoy the resources on this site. If you are looking to hire a research software engineer, then this site can offer to show all the skills that an RSE can offer!

Did you know that...

A research software engineer can do much more than work on research software. RSEs have domain knowledge, and can write manuscripts alongside software, or content for a Methods section for the work you are conducting.


You can learn about or contribute to some research software engineer oriented projects.

Best Practices

What are some best practices for software development?

  • Software Checklist how sustainable, and reproducible is your software? Generate a badge for your repository with the Software Checklist.
  • Best Practices guide for software engineering.

If you have any requests for additional guides or questions, please open an issue.