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Research Software Engineers

Welcome to the Research Software Engineer’s GitHub Organization! We are an open community of developers that would like to cross institutional and geographic boundaries to collaborate on tools and research software. This site serves as a catalog for some of our projects, template, and learning materials.

What is a research software engineer?

Did you know that research software engineers include everyone from programmers, to doing programming for research? Whether you are a full time software engineer, a researcher that does a ton of programming, or an advocate for the role, if you care about research software, you have a place in this community.


What kinds of resources do we have? You can check out the getting started page, or quickly jump to a resource below.

  • Templates for GitHub actions, Google Cloud, and documentation that are free for you to use.
  • Projects ranging from podcasts, to GitHub badge generators, to community initiatives.

See the About page for more details. If you have a question or would like to contribute, please Open an issue.