Research Software Ecosystem

This is an automated analysis that uses the Research Software Engineering Community Database and software to generate high level metrics to describe the ecosystem. We use CiteLang to parse dependency files and generate the analysis. Currently, outputs include:

  • 5220 total repositories
  • 2672 total parsed
  • 4724 Python dependencies
  • 2210 R dependencies
  • 441 C++ dependencies
  • 246 Go dependencies
  • 1690 Js dependencies

Of course these numbers are hugely influenced by the languages present in research software engineering projects, which tend to be Python and R, and those that we are easily able to parse metadata for. This means that a common language (C++) by way of not having consistently parseable formats is not well-represented. However, we can get better! This is run on a regular basis and you can improve the parsing by simply contributing to CiteLang. We invite you to explore the current results below.