Organizing an Ice Cream Shop

What could help with organizing the space of research software engineer skills and roles? We have some ideas!

Posted by @vsoch · 1 min read

2 February 2023

In this episode, I interview Informatics Honors Students from Stellenbosch University, including Megan Stock, Nina and Renee Roux, and their fearless mentor Kim Martin about their work to create organization and structure around the space of research software engineering work and roles. We don’t just talk about these strange things called ontologies, but we frame it in an ice cream metaphor, and have a lot of fun talking about programming languages, desserts, and ideas for the future.

This is also a really fun episode because it is the first group interview on the podcast, and between the lines of the story is about falling in love with a new type of work, and learning more about the self. We also get to hear how Kim is tackling creating one of the first RSEng groups in Africa. We hope that you enjoy this episode - happy Februrary listeners!

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