The Container Tinkerer

Today's episode is an adventure - from hacking the German army to starting a company!

Posted by @vsoch · 1 min read

2 March 2023

Today’s episode is not just a story - but an adventure! We chat with self-proclaimed “Container Tinkerer” Christian Kniep, who has gone from a small village in Germany to an industry expert in containers. In this story we hear about life hacks in the Germany army, traveling and being a teacher, making ugly websites (below), and landing some impressive roles in tech. Along the way his love for technology and appetite for adventure is easy to see, and we champion Christian for his resiliency and bravery in paving new paths. We also talk about container technologies, high performance computing, and cloud (and our own fears about all of that). We hope you enjoy this episode!


Christian’s self-proclaimed “ugly website”

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