300 Nodes in a Closet

Fernanda isn't sure if it was genetics or fate that led her to high performance computing, but she's come a long way, and is grateful for the journey

Posted by @vsoch · 1 min read

4 August 2022

For this episode of RSE Stories we are joined by Fernanda Foertter, Director at Voltron Data and experienced HPC practitioner. You may know her on Twitter as @hpcprogrammer, or for her significant contributions at earlier roles at Nvidia or Oak Ridge National Lab, but have you heard her origin story, and how she got involved in this work? In this episode, we travel with Fernanda through her early work, discovering her love and saavy for computers, and following her interests. We talk about her journey through national labs, tech companies, and now at Voltron Data where her adventure continues.

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