Enamored by Technology

Chris Gorgolewski shares his journey through research, software engineering, and developer experiences.

Posted by @vsoch · 1 min read

1 December 2022

We often talk about wearing many hats. But as experts in software engineering, high performance computing, or scientific domains, those hats are sometimes scoped to a particular community. We might wear a baseball hat and switch to a different team, but we won’t throw away the baseball hat entirely in favor of a top hat.

To do this kind of hat trick, you need to be brave, and that is just one of the many qualities of our guest today. Chris Gorgolewski, at face value, is a Senior Product Manager at Google where he works on developer experiences. But if you dig deeper into his story, you will find entire, lucrative careers as a researcher, leader, and software engineer, and his new role as a product manager is merely one step in an interesting story on a path to have impact.

In this third episode of our newly rebranded Developer Stories podcast, we follow Chris on his journey to understand the world, standardize neuroimaging, find new opportunities, and learn about himself. Chris is a lovely example of following your interests and passions, and never underestimating yourself to wear many hats.

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